EDIROL Releases Mac OS X USB 2.0 Drivers for UA-101 and UA-1000

EDIROL is proud to announce new Mac OS X USB 2.0 Drivers for EDIROLs UA-101 and UA-1000 USB Audio Interfaces.

EDIROL Product Manager Michael Barrett relates, “Our new offering includes Version 2.0 Universal Binary drivers with a full-featured Control Panel, for convenient recording on the latest Macintosh computers with Intel chipsets. The new user interface mirrors the Windows XP version, which is also currently available. We’re thrilled to be able to offer our customers cross-platform support for these two dynamic products.”

With the introduction of fully supported Mac OS X drivers for existing EDIROL interface products, Roland continues to support its position as the world leader in audio interface driver support for Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Barrett explains, “Thanks to these new driver updates, more computer musicians will be able to enjoy the benefit of pristine audio recording with EDIROL USB 2.0 interfaces, that are designed and built to top quality specifications by Roland engineers.”

In addition to the new UA-101 and UA-1000 driver updates, EDIROL is currently offering the following driver updates at http://www.rolandus.com/support/downloads_updates/

PC-50, PC-80, PC-300, PCR-M1/-M30/-M50/-M80/-30/-50/-80, PCR-1, PCR-A30, SC-8820, SC-D70, SD-20, SD-80, SD-90, SK-500, UA-1EX, UA-4FX, UA-3FX, UA-5, UA-20, UA-25, UA-700, UA-101 USB1.1/2.0, UA-1000 USB1.1/2.0, UM-1EX/-1SX/-1X/-1S/-1, UM-2EX/-2, UM-3, UM-4 (S-MPU64), M-100FX, UR-80.

EDIROL’s research and development team is dedicated to supporting the latest OS platforms, such as Mac OS X Universal binary (both of Intel and PowerPC).

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