Waldorf Edition Update V1.2.3

The Waldorf Synthesizer Company has re-released The Waldorf Edition, the plugin bundle that includes the PPG Wave V2, Attack, and D-Pole plugins. This update is strongly recommended for all users of the new Waldorf Edition package published by Waldorf.

The update addresses the following issues:
* Saving and loading of Sounds and Banks on computers with Intel processors (Windows and Intel Mac) with the PPG Wave 2.V. The resulting files had some wrong values that might result in wrong behaviour or even crashes when loading them or opening song projects. Note that the PPG Wave 2.V 1.2.3 can load these erroneous Sounds or Banks and saves them back properly if wanted.
* Opening the PPG Wave 2.V as AudioUnit in Logic might result in up to 32 output channels assigned to the PPG Wave 2.V when run as a multi out instrument. On these outputs, digital noise might have occured.

This update only works with the Waldorf Edition published by Waldorf. The update does not work with and is not needed for the legacy Waldorf Edition published by Steinberg. Customers of Steinberg’s Waldorf Edition can upgrade to the new Waldorf Edition.


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