Melodyne now as a Plugin

Celemony is proud to present a new member in the Melodyne family: The ultra flexible Melodyne plugin integrates the most important of Melodynes functions directly into a host sequencer.

Correct pitch and timing, quantize audio, restructure melodies and more – it has never been so easy. Supported interfaces are VST, AU and RTAS. Crossgrades (from Auto-Tune, Waves Tune et al.) and Loyalty Upgrades are available – even a free Melodyne plugin for registered users of Melodyne studio.

Key features:
– runs as plug-in (VST, AU, RTAS) in your host sequencer
– ideal for the correction and optimization of vocals
– suitable also for single-voice instruments, drum loops and percussion
– intuitive note-based editing
– control of pitch, time, length, volume and formants of each note
– best quality pitch-shifting and time-stretching
– swift operation, scale snap, multi-level Undo function
– realtime control and automation for pitch, formants and volume


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