Alesis Introduces MasterControl

Alesis have introduced their MasterControl Audio Interface and Control Surface. MasterControl is the perfect solution for studio projects that demand a high quality, all in one audio interface and control surface.

MasterControl provides up to 8 channels of 44.1–192kHz audio directly to your computer via ultra–fast, low–latency FireWire connectivity, the audio interface features 2 mic (XLR) inputs with phantom power and channel inserts, and 6 line (TRS) inputs. An additional 18 inputs of digital audio are are possible with the MasterControl’s S/PDIF and dual S/MUX ADAT Lightpipe options, for forward-thinking expansion. For monitoring your recordings and sessions, the MasterControl features 6 analog outputs, configurable as discrete, 5.1 Surround or Stereo x 3.

* 8 Built-in analog inputs – 2 XLR mic preamp inputs with Phantom Power and channel inserts, 6 TRS 1/4″ line inputs
* 192kHz analog recording / playback capability
* 6 analog outputs – configurable as discrete, 5.1 Surround, or Stereo X 3, with dedicated speaker switching
* Nine 100mm motorized faders and eight 360° virtual assignable knobs (three banks each) Provides instant access to 28 different parameters on every DAW channel
* 2 banks of 8 fully-assignable buttons provide 16 different functions per preset (setting markers and loop points, setting automation modes, cut/copy/paste)
* Expandable audio inputs for up to 26 simultaneous inputs. S/PDIF and dual S/MUX ADAT Lightpipe inputs provide 18 additional recording inputs
* 16 channels MIDI I/O
* 2 X 16 character LCD provides instant controller feedback and enables customization of knob and button functions
* Fully-editable presets allow for instantaneous, dedicated control over DAWs (HUI-compatible) and external MIDI devices
* Removable, customizable templates provide total visual overview of preset operation
* Preview button shows knob, button, and fader parameters before sending them out to DAW
* Built-in talk-back microphone and control-surface based cue mix setup
* Bundled with Cubase LE software and compatible with most digital audio workstation software products


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