Rhodes will announce 9 new models at the NAMM 2007

Rhodes will annouce 9 new models featuring state of art design and Mark 7 technology at the NAMM 2007.

1975 Mark I Stage 73:

Some teaser specs:

-Three different sizes: 88-, 73-, and 61-key sizes in passive, active, and active MIDI -configurations
-Lighter overall weight
-State-of-the-art design
-Mark 7 technology
-Modular format
-Passive-to-active capability with MIDI
-Pre-amp with hi-performance 3-band equalizer
-Tremolo and pitch bend
-LCD screen
-Dual-panel USB ports
-Custom Anvil cases
-Light, transportable, hi-performance neodymium speaker systems
-New stand design
-New pedal design
-Safety locking system
-Headphone capability
-Lighter overall weight
-Durable custom and soft-touch finishes

More info can be found on www.rhodespiano.com

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