[UPDATE] First pics of the new Waldorf synths

Waldorf will annouce a new synth line. The models are: Stromberg, Blofeld, the Q, Micro Q and the Zarenbourg.

Blofeld and Stomberg are Synthesizer in best whale villages tradition. Both are based on the well-known whale village DSP- and filter technology. Both are extremely strong and versatile sound machines and have singular ergonomics and outstanding sound characteristics.


Zarenbourg is a traditional Electro piano, which goes completely different way than those so far admitted to representatives of this species. The Zarenbourg piano does not only look funky – it plays itself also in such a way. Zarenbourg is the guitar for the Keyboarder – an instrument, for which many musicians waited for a long time – and they never again missen would like.

With the Q and Micro Q is available in one for this limited edition arranged Spezialtrim for a short time. The whale village philosophy manifested itself always to build instruments with high Werthaltigkeit. Instruments with an own character and honest, strong sound. Instruments, which can be served without – and also after application for many years to inspire. For new list in the past year whale village received Music zuspruch of many fans and friends of the mark, that bring exactly these attributes with the name to whale village in connection.

Update: we have some prices:
Waldorfs Stromberg: $3999
Blofeld: $799
Zarenbourg: $3999

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