DENON announce external HD for HD-2500

Denon has announced the introduction of an external drive unit to help maximise sales of the new Denon HD2500 Professional Multi Media Player.

This low-cost option takes advantage of the HD2500’s standard Denon drive unit connection, which allows it to interface with either a Denon DN-D4000 or DN-D4500 twin CD/MP3 player, giving the customers the ability to play from CD’s.

Said D&M Europe’s Product Manager David Morbey, “The HD2500 is an all-in-one media player and controller for professional DJs and was purpose-designed to offer complete command and control over Denon dual-tray CD/MP3 players such as the DN-D4500 and DN-D4000 drive section.

“Given he revolutionary nature of the DN-HD2500 we anticipated that many customers would be new to Denon and would not have one of these previous models; so we decided to take the CD drive unit from the DN-D4500 and make it available as a 2U product in its own right.”

Denon DJ

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