Image Line Deckadance DJ Software

In the ever expanding market of DJ Software, Image Line, the company behind FL Studio, is working on Deckadance. Not much information is available yet.

They already have a website running, but it shows only a teaser image for now. But some screenshots have surfaced on the internet already. Deckadance is currently in a beta test phase.

Some details of Deckadance:
• it works with all sorts of time coded vinyl – Ms Pinky, MixVibes, SSL and FS2
• Supports MIDI
• Supports VSTI
• Has a sampler
• Supports beat synced looping
• Cue points (assuming per track)
• Effects
• Software EQ
• Automixing etc etc
• Master tempo

With the MIDI features, it looks like all the major controllers are supported as well.


Within 24 hours we brought you the news of Deckadance, Image Line made the official announcement of this new DJ software.

Interesting features are:
– Works as standalone or VSTi plugin inside hosts like FL Studio, Ableton Live, …
– Hosts VSTi softsynths & FX
– 8-slot sampler that samples from the decks
– 8-slot VSTi host with midi database
– Full timecoded Vynil & CD support for all brands

A complete list of features can be found here.

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