Rupert Neve releases Portico 5016

Rupert Neve Designs has launched the Portico 5016, a two channel device featuring a mic pre and a variable phase DI that provides an innovative, powerful approach for the recording of musical instruments and voices. Originally debuted at AES 2006, the new Portico 5016 is the sixth product to be introduced into the half rack, 1U Portico Series and incorporates custom designed transformers, very short signal paths, minimal negative feedback plus single sided transformer coupled amplifier designs throughout.

Built in Texas to ensure the highest quality construction, the 5016 represents two channels of uncompromising performance and unique features for only $1195 (U.S. list price).

The independent DI channel is transformer- coupled, incorporating selectable instrument or line level inputs, up to 30dB gain and a variable phase control that allows a direct input to be manually phase aligned in relation to the microphone signal. This is necessary because acoustically derived signals from a microphone can never be exactly phase-coherent when combined with signals from stringed instrument pickups or electronic keyboards. When the loudspeaker of a guitar amplifier is used with a microphone, further phase inconsistencies arise. When using the 5016 as both mic pre and DI, utilizing the new variable phase control can eliminate these phase anomalies. The 5016 also includes a traditional phase reverse switch. These features allow for unprecedented control and new creative options when recording musical instruments.

The preamp channel of the 5016 is identical to the 5012’s renowned preamp and is designed for a wide variety of sources ranging from vocals to percussive instruments. The 5016 allows gain control from +72dB to -6dB and is provided on a rotary switch with 0dB to 66dB of gain in 6dB steps, and an associated Trim control, offering +/- 6dB of continuously variable adjustment. A fully swept High Pass Filter at 12dB per octave covering the frequency range of 20Hz to 250Hz is also provided and the “Silk” switch provides the classic warmth and presence of Mr. Neve’s renowned audio circuit designs. Switches for mute, phase reverse and 48V phantom power are also included on the front panel.

The 5016 can be ordered in either vertical or horizontal configurations and is designed to be used either out on the cutting room floor, or enclosed in a standard 19”-inch rack frame. As a tool to shape and sweeten instrument or vocal sounds, the Portico 5016 is a tremendous addition to studios of all levels and an extraordinary value for under $1200.

Rupert Neve

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