ESI Maya44 USB – rebirth of a legend

Due to popular demand, ESI has re-released the classic MAYA44 USB with an updated design. The brand new 4-in/4-out USB audio interface is compatible to all major music and DJ applications.

Besides standard recording and playback functionality, MAYA44 USB provides everything that is needed for professional music production. In its compact case MAYA44 USB provides 4 analog input and 4 analog output channels with RCA connectors and a combined optical S/PDIF digital output / stereo headphone output.

With support for ASIO 2.0, CoreAudio and MME / WDM, MAYA44 USB is compatible to all major music and DJ applications like Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Reason, Reaktor, MixVibes, Traktor DJ Studio, BPM Studio and much more.

* 4 input channels and 4 output channels with RCA connectors
* -10dBV input / output level (unbalanced)
* optical S/PDIF digital output with Miniplug connector
* headphone output (1/8″ connector) with 60mW amplifier
* ASIO 2.0 and CoreAudio support (4 inputs / 4 outputs)
* MME / WDM support (2 inputs / 2 outputs)
* Standard USB connection to PC or Mac
* compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Mac OS X
* compatible with all important DJ software applications
* compatible with all important professional audio applications
* compact, portable and lightweight design

ESI Audiotechnik

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