Novation introduces the NIO 2|4 mobile interface

Musik Messe 2007 sees the launch of NIO 2|4, Novations latest foray into the interface market, offering a flexible 2 In/4 Out mobile interface solution designed with the modern music maker in mind.

Novation’s Direct FX technology places a host of powerful FX at your fingertips. Direct FX technology’s ultra-low latency environment provides an unmatched freedom to create, allowing all of nio 2 | 4s effects to be used in real time. This same unique environment ensures rock solid and lightening fast performance

nio 2 | 4’s multi-effects engine includes superb guitar amp simulations, filters, delay, chorus, phaser, flanger, distortion, EQ, Reverb, Tremelo, and others too many to mention, many derived from the effect algorithms of Novation’s synth giants, past and present, most notably the Supernova II.

With robust rock-solid hardware, flexible software and powerful FX, nio 2 | 4 is the ideal interface solution for home recording, live performing and DJ’ing. With two headphone outputs, it’s also an ideal solution for the classroom environment.

nio 2 | 4 provides a unique and truly flexible monitoring solution, with two dials close to hand and independent switching between three different monitor mixes. This, combined with four phono (RCA) outputs and flexible metering, make nio 2 | 4 the ideal solution for laptop DJs and live performers.

Two inputs are available for recording high quality audio into the DAW. Both an instrument jack and microphone XLR with phantom power are provided. As an alternative to these inputs, a pair of phono (RCA) inputs can be used to record a stereo signal, from a record deck, CD player or synthesizer for example.

Finally, nio 2 | 4 provides MIDI i/o and is also class compliant with both Mac and PC, connecting via USB and bus powering with each. In addition, the unit is class compliant with Mac OS X CoreAudio.


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