TC Electronic introduces Konnekt Live with onboard effects

To call Konnekt Live an intriguing interface for live performers is merely scratching the surface. Whereas most audio interfaces in the live laptop performance scene are designed for recording purposes TC Electronics interface raises the bar and offers clear cut playback advantages to live laptop performers.

Imagine a master compressor, a Finalizer that puts you in full control of your output. Add to that Konnekt Live’s extensive output routing that enhances the audio passing through via its optimized analog output section. Bundled with Ableton Live software and a suite of built-in DSP effects, you won’t find a more versatile interface for your live performance.

Typically, real-time, high quality output processing puts heavy demands on your CPU. Not so with Konnekt Live. Since all DSP processing takes place inside Konnekt Live, all you have to worry about is being creative – your computer is left with plenty of headroom for other tasks.

Konnekt Live – studio quality output, road-sturdy control and unsurpassed DSP effects for the digital artist.

Main Features:
* Extensive output routing
* Fabrik C Live on outputs for optimal control of output signal
* Fabrik R Live – 9 studio quality reverb algorithms
* Balanced/unbalanced output switch
* ResFilter plug-in – Lo-cut/hi-cut filter for ultra fat filtering effects
* Abelton Live TC Electronic Edition includedSturdy design, made for the road
* Turntable cable included (RCA and grounding -> XLR)
* RIAA plug-in for selection of different RIAA filters
* Assignable light ring for MIDI control
* Ableton Live Lite 6 TC Electronic Edition included

Konnekt Live

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