Akai DPS24 gets an MKII upgrade

Akai recently released a MKII upgrade for their DPS24 Digital Personal Studio. The DPS24 MKII Digital Personal Studio combines a 24 track 24bit hard disk recorder/editor, a 46 channel automated digital mixer with a complete studio monitoring section, 4 stereo effects processors with FX library, a programmable patch bay and a mastering suite with built in CD RW drive, in one extremely powerful desktop unit. New to the DPS24MKII is 5.1 surround mixing.

With its generous complement of dedicated keys, rotary encoders, and motorized faders, the DPS24 MKII’s tactile user interface provides direct access to all commonly used functions, without requiring that you cursor your way through endless menus and peer at countless LCD pages just to make some small but significant adjustment.

The DPS24 MKII offers extensive and expandable connectivity: numerous analog I/Os using high-quality AD/DA converters, multiple digital I/Os, Wordclock, MIDI, USB, and even SCSI and SMPTE options.

Its custom real-time multi-tasking Operating System and dedicated hardware saves you from the headaches of computer-based configurations, conflicts and crashes. Ease-of-use and reliability are the keys of the DPS24 MKII.

However, the DPS24 MKII also communicates very well with computer systems: complete audio import/export features are included, using standard Data CD and Hard disk formats, and the free akSys TrackView software allows you, with a simple USB connection to your PC, to view your projects on a large monitor, see waveforms scrolling across the screen and see detailed metering. The display also shows timecode, edit points and locate markers, track names/status and more. The free akSysServer utility can also be used to transfer files to/from your DPS24 MKII and PC via USB.

More information here.

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