Digidesign introduces new line of Studio Reference Monitors

Reinforcing the companys unswerving commitment to absolute audio quality throughout the signal chain, Digidesign today announced a new family of bi-amplified, professional grade studio reference monitors, the Reference Monitor Series (RMS).

Developed jointly with PMC (the Professional Monitor Company, based in the UK), the new RMS monitors unite Digidesign’s deep expertise in digital audio with PMC’s legacy for fine, cutting-edge loudspeaker designs and meticulous manufacturing.

“For many years Digidesign’s commitment to developing state-of-the-art professional recording technologies has helped artists, engineers, and producers alike create award-winning recordings with unrivaled audio purity,” explains Gannon Kashiwa, market manager for Digidesign’s professional products. “The new Digidesign RMS™ monitors are a natural complement to our existing product line and a logical extension of our commitment to achieving consistent and pure sound from input to output.”

Kashiwa continues, “PMC and Digidesign share similar philosophies, which made them the logical partner for us. Their technology portfolio is impressive, and PMC reference monitors continually receive accolades from those who credit the designs with helping them achieve better mixes. We are pleased to have worked with PMC on the development of our RMS monitors and we feel strongly that the results speak for themselves.”

Available as a 5.5-inch two-way (RM1™) and a 6.7-inch two-way (RM2™), the Digidesign® RMS monitors incorporate innovation in almost every aspect of their design—from amplifier topology to acoustics and the deployment of advanced digital signal processing.

RM1 and RM2 Specifications:
* 5.5-inch (RM1) or 6.7-inch (RM2) LF driver optimized for the ATL design
* 1-inch soft dome, ferrofluid-cooled HF driver
* Independent, analog-controlled, Class D amplifier for each driver
* RM1: 80w LF, 50w HF
* RM2: 100w LF, 50w HF
* Balanced analog input (XLR)
* AES 3 digital input (XLR)—accepts 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz sample rates
* AES digital input (RJ-45)
* AES digital THRU connector (RJ-45)
* HF control: adjustable from -4 dB to +3 dB in 0.5 dB increments
* LF control: adjustable from -4 dB to +3 dB in 0.5 dB increments
* Channel Assign: select which AES digital input channel (left or right) to produce
* Gain Trim encoder: set the input sensitivity from 0 dB to -15 dB

The Digidesign RMS monitors are currently on display at the NAB show in Las Vegas, booth SL106. Both models will be available May 2007 at a price of $1,249 for each RM1 and $1,749 for each RM2.


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