Analog Industries teases us with Dr. Device

Analog Industries is giving us a sneak peek of their (new) plugin Dr. Device, which is still in development but according to their peek, not far from release. Dr. Device is an effect plugin which combines a filter with delay, that can be controlled by a X/Y pad (think KAOSS pad).

As Dr. Device is still NOT finalised, the GUI can be changed for the final version of course. But the Sneak Peek gives a good idea of what it will get to in the end.

This is what the guys are saying (about Dr. Device) at their own blog:
“…..Dr. Device is working well enough that I’m now comfortable telling you what it is, exactly. It will be a multi-mode filter and a stereo delay, that handiest of combinations. There are several things that will set Dr. Device apart from the dozens of similar products out there.

In no particular order:
1. We’ve spent quite a bit of time on the filters, which are tuned for musical usefulness rather than any particular model. So our 4 pole lowpass flavor is something that makes me particularly happy; I can’t say “hey, it’s just like the filter in the Prodigy,” because it’s not. It is a custom design which has features that I like in a filter. There are seven filter models in all that comprise what we feel are the general filter toolbox of an electronic musician.

2. The delay section is, for all intents and purposes, a two-tap true stereo Dubstation, and that’s something that will make a lot of people happy. It also has a clean mode, which we have laughingly referred to as “digi” mode (ironic inasmuch as all plugins are inherently digital, of course), where the filters that are part and parcel to the Dubstation feedback sound are removed.

3. All normal controls can be addressed by an X/Y pad. However, that’s like saying “Diamond Dave is prone to rambling.” It’s an incredible understatement. This X/Y pad, which I’ll talk about in a future installment, is a thing of beauty, and goes far beyond simple “click and drag” adjustment. The negative (for me) is that the Power Of The Pad won’t be immediately obvious from a screenshot, so I can see a video demo in my future, and that’s gonna be a pain in the ass.”

Sneak Peek Dr. Device
Thanks to Matrix Synth.

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