OpenLabs Miko and Neko Upgrade with VST Instruments

Open Labs, the leading designer and developer of computer music production solutions, announced today that it has recently upgraded its line of NeKo and MiKo Keyboard Production Stations with premium sounds and additional software with no increase in price. The new libraries represent the largest number of preset sounds available for any keyboard production station and includes high quality 24-bit sounds not available on any other keyboard.

The Neko and Miko series offers an incredible selection of preloaded software to boost workflow and productivity, including: Windows XP, Karsyn™ – VST host, mFusion™ – MIDI mapping software, MimiK™ – keyboard cloning software (an LX model exclusive), Open Labs™ Navigator™, and over 60 VST instruments and effects. New to the software bundle (a $900 retail value):
* TruePianos by 4Front Technology – MSRP $199:
– TruePianos is a new virtual piano VSTi based on a combination of physical modeling, synthesis and sampler techniques.
– Completely intuitive controls adjust to your playing style to provide amazing playability and expression.
– TruePianos provides the key piano characteristics of sympathetic resonance, inter-string harmonics, repedalling, and 127 generated dynamic velocities.

* Purity by Luxonix – MSRP $199:
– New PCM sound module VSTi with fast patch change on-the-fly during live performance.
– Over 1,300 ready-to-use sound presets – over 200 phrases and drums loops.
– Purity features include a 16-part multi-instrument with General MIDI support and an integrated pattern sequencer with 16 arpeggiators.

* WusikStation V3 + additional soundsets by Wusik – MSRP $299:
– Advanced hybrid vector & wavesequencer Sampler VSTi featuring a 32-bit multi-sampled format with disk streaming support.
– Matrix modulation offers 8 LFO and 8 ADSR envelopes. Over 10,000 presets out of the box.

* Sylenth by Lennar Digital (an LX model exclusive) – MSRP $199:
– An analog synthesizer VSTi that recreates the electro-organic sounds of the best analog synths.
– 4 ultra high-quality bandlimited unison oscillators in full stereo, each of which can generate 8 voices per note, plus an arpeggiator, step sequencer and over 700 presets of some of the best analog synth sounds available.

Enjoy easy access to over 20,000 preset sounds, from which 1500 are designated quick-access Karsyn™ presets designed exclusively for live performance applications. Open Labs’ Karsyn VST host software allows you to take full advantage of the processing horsepower and generous memory capacity of our Neko and Miko Production Centers. Built around the concept of rack-mount sound modules, Karsyn can host multiple virtual instruments (VSTi) simultaneously and features low-latency response, instantaneous preset switching, flexible output routing, effects inserts, and setlists that simplify live performance. Every sound needed for every song can be recalled at the touch of a button, made even easier using our instrument’s built-in touch-screen.


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