TFPro releases P110 mic amplifier, compressor and EQ

As a direct result of feedback from users of TFPRO equipment, TFPRO have developed the P110, a new microphone amplifier/compressor/EQ combination for studio recording of real sounds.

The TFPRO P110 is a specialist single channel preamplifier, phase shifter, compressor and equaliser with advanced analogue features. It is designed to be a perfect tool for voice recording and ‘tracking’ in the studio.

The TFPRO P110 is a specialist single channel pre-amplifier employing transformer coupled class-A ‘current mode’ multiple amplifiers, giving extreme signal handling capability and overload margin. Phase reverse and a 180 degree variable phase control is also available at the input stages. The compressor/limiter is of advanced optical design, retaining the warmth and drive of earlier TFPRO designs and adding versatility with ratios from a gentle 1.2 to 1, up to full extreme limit, and with switchable ‘models’ to provide a taste of
other historic compressors.

The Equaliser has four frequency bands which are musical and overlapping and the circuit is ideal for minor tonal correction of very high quality audio. A VU meter provides audio ‘input’ metering (that is, showing the audio level immediately prior to the main output stage). The VU meter can be switched to read ‘gain reduction’ in the compressor. LEDs also show when there is audio signal present in the circuits, and when the output of the mic amp is approaching clipping.

The UK retail price is £999.00 inc VAT (Euro 1500) and it is available now.


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