Metric Halo releases version 4 of Mobile I/O

Metric Halo announced the immediate release of version 4 of Mobile I/O. This release is available as a software / firmware / driver update that enhances the capabilities of all new and existing Mobile I/O hardware. The update is available free of charge to all Mobile I/O users.

This major update provides a series of important improvements to the Mobile I/O hardware and software platform that greatly enhance its utility and workflow in every day production tasks. To go along with this release, Metric Halo has published brand new web-based tutorial videos, CoreAudio host application tips and quickstart guides to help both veteran and new users get more out of their Mobile I/O hardware.

– Introducing MIOConsoleConnect
Version 4 introduces an industry first: MIOConsoleConnect, a new Metric Halo technology which provides total integration of Mobile I/O hardware with every Mac-based Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), or any plugin host on the platform.

Implemented as AU, VST and RTAS plug-ins, MIOConsoleConnect directly integrates the MIOConsole control system with the host of the user’s choice. MIOConsoleConnect has been extensively tested with:
* Logic
* GarageBand
* Digital Performer
* Cubase
* Nuendo
* Live
* Pro Tools
* and others

– Integrated Access
MIOConsoleConnect provides direct access to all Mobile I/O parameters (across multiple hardware units) including clock, sample rate, mic pre controls, signal routing, mixing and +DSP configuration from within the host DAW.

– Total Recall
All MIO parameters are automatically stored and recalled with the host session, and the host’s plugin preset support provides quick access to basic system setups with instant recall. Since the MIOConsoleConnect setup can be stored in a template session, every aspect of the MIO hardware can be pre-configured and at the ready at the beginning of a session, simply by opening a pre-configured template.

One of the most exciting new aspects of the integration afforded by MIOConsoleConnect is that all +DSP routing configurations and plugin settings are stored in the host’s session and presets. This allows for the easy configuration and recall of mixing and mastering configurations running in +DSP and allows users to take full advantage of the incredible sound quality and flexibility that +DSP offers.

– FireWire Returns
A tremendous advantage of the Mobile I/O hardware platform has always been the strength and quality of the +DSP engine and the exceptional quality of the integrated mixer. With the release of version 4, all MIO models now support integrated FireWire Returns to the computer via FireWire with no external loopback. The addition of FireWire Returns coupled with the power of MIOConsoleConnect allows for ITMB (In The MIO Box) mixing and mastering with full session recall, as well as live printed processing on inputs during tracking.

– Record Panel
Version 4 marks the official release of the MIOConsole Record Panel. The Record Panel is a streamlined, multi-channel recording system built right in to MIOConsole.

Optimized for location recording, the Record Panel is perfect for mission critical large scale location recording projects. With native support for multi-box recording, you can record anywhere from 1 to 72 channels across multiple chained Mobile I/O units. The Record Panel supports recording to Aiff, WAV, BWAV, SD2 and CAF at either 16 or 24 bits.

– +DSP plugins
MIOConsole version 4 includes the release version of previously beta-only plugins. With this new release, MIOConsole includes over 100 exceptionally high quality 40-bit floating point signal processing plugins, with Metric Halo’s unique single-sample graph processor. The plugins range from simple math primitives to a complete integrated ChannelStrip processor. The integrated latency compensated single-sample graph processor provides a rich tapestry for signal processor creation allowing the user to tailor the signal processing environment to his or her unique needs. From mixing and mastering to live zone control and loop processing, the +DSP environment is limited only by the user’s imagination.

– 32-bit CoreAudio Transport
Metric Halo’s exclusive CoreAudio in hardware 32-bit transport engine allows you to bi-directionally transport all 32-bits of your audio data between the host and the Mobile I/O hardware. With the integrated mixing and processing in the Mobile I/O, this allows you to maintain precision until the final conversion to analog (or legacy digital), and supports full 32-bit loop processing with +DSP and the new FireWire Return architecture.

– Universal Binary
New for this release is native processor support on Intel-based computers. This decreases the amount of CPU used by MIOConsole for metering and recording functions as well as increasing track counts in the integrated Record Panel Software when running on Intel-based Macs. It also enables the use of MIOConsoleConnect on Intel-based computers. All MIOConsoleConnect plugins are Universal Binaries as well.

– New Look
Metric Halo has updated the drawing system used in the MIOConsole UI to better integrate with the look of Mac OS X. MIOConsole also has enhanced the use of antialiased text and localization support including a complete localization for Japanese.

– Available Today
All new units will be shipped with updated software. Metric Halo has made it easy to update units currently in the field or manufactured prior to release. The updated software is available today as free download from Metric Halo’s website.

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