Chameleon Labs announce 7720 Stereo Compressor

The Model 7720 Stereo Compressor is based on a trusted design and is electronically balanced, utilizing ‘THAT Corporation’ (formerly DBX) VCA circuitry. It features a low component count in order to provide the cleanest signal path possible. In accordance with Chameleon Labs’ ongoing dedication to end users, unique features have been implemented (direct from consumer suggestions) to make the 7720 more versatile than your average mix buss compressor.

Model 7720 Special Features:
– Meter switch:
The meter switch allows the meter to indicate either channels input level, either channels output level or the amount of stereo audio signal compression.

– Sidechain Control Section:
This section modifies the control of the compressor with a mono audio signal introduced through the sidechain XLR input. A blue LED gives the user a visual indication that the circuit is active and that the sidechain audio is in control of the compressor, not the left and right audio inputs.

– High Pass Filter:
The HPF rotary control allows the sidechain or main audio signal to be equalized to minimize lower frequency audio signals’ effect on the compression character of the unit. The HPF affects the detection circuit, not the actual audio. The selector has six settings. The first setting does not introduce any filtration into the sidechain circuit. The next five settings are 60 Hz., 90 Hz., 130 Hz., 200 Hz. and 440 Hz. These selections allow a wide variety of choices. The high pass filter is designed so that the frequency selected is 3 dB down, with a roll-off of 12 dB per octave.

– Ratio:
In addition to the ratio settings common to popular stereo compressors (2:1, 4:1, 10:1), the 7720 features a 1.5:1 setting. This allows the user to maintain control over the dynamics of the input signal without squashing the life out of the mix.

The 7720 is expected to be released in Q1 2008 at a MRSP of $599.

Chameleon Labs

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