RME launches new OctaMic II Preamp

Today RME announced the new OctaMic II Preamp, a completely new electronic design with increased features based on the highly acclaimed OctaMic and OctaMic D devices. The new OctaMic II features 8-channel 192 kHz/24 bit hi-class microphone and line pre-amplification and includes some significant enhancements compared to his predecessors.

The balanced TRS inputs of the Neutrik Combo XLR jacks are phantom power-free and can be operated as real line inputs too. The improved design of the input circuits allows for a maximum input level of +21 dBu with a convenient gain range from 0 dB up to 50 dB.

Improved signal to noise ratio (SNR) ADC 107.5 dB
Improved THD, especially at high gains
Optimised heat dissipation by a new and larger housing with improved convection

Choice of sync sources: internal Clock, AES/SPDIF (via 25 pin D-sub) or Word Clock
Internal wide range power supply with line filter, insensitive to voltage fluctuations
Super-stable, short circuit proof 48 V phantom power

The OctaMic II is the straight forward MicPre “made by RME”. 8 channels of pristine microphone/line pre-amplification made of the finest components available assembled with RME-quality technology with best audio performance in mind.

OctaMic II is the perfect solution for building multi-track recording and/or mixing systems with the need for a bigger number of input channels. The OctaMic II also provides the perfect microphone/line input expansion for RME´s successful Fireface and HammerfallDSP series.

OctaMic II is shipping in September 2007 for a Europe net price of Euro 1.099.- and in the Unitad States for a MSRP of USD 1.799.-.

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