Clavia acquires original Mellotron sounds

In a deal with David Kean and M. Resch AB, Clavia DMI has acquired digital versions of the vintage master tapes used for the Mellotron keyboard instrument. Clavia’s latest invention, the nord wave, scheduled for release in a few weeks time, will be the first instrument to incorporate some of the classic Mellotron sounds.

Clavia DMI CEO Hans Nordelius and Markus Resch, M. Resch AB, handing over the Mellotron material.

“Some distinct sounds has played a vital role in the evolvement of pop & rock music. Mellotron represents not one but several of those sounds,”says Clavia CEO and founder Hans Nordelius. The idea of using the vintage master tapes instead of sampling a vintage instrument is to faithfully recreate the original sounds the way they used to be, and is a natural step in Clavia’s long striving effort to make the sounds of classic keyboard instruments available to keyboard players once again.

Following the success of the world’s first digital virtual analog synthesizer – the nord lead – released in 1995, Clavia has adopted a number of classical instruments to the digital domain, such as the tonewheel organ, several electric organs, various models of electric pianos as well as a number of acoustic grand and upright pianos. “Our goal is not to build replica instruments, but to replicate the sounds – in full detail – and make them
available in various combinations and formats suited for different kind of keyboard players. Unlike their ancestors they should be intuitive to operate, easy to carry, and offer the best possible sound and playing experience.” says Mr Nordelius.


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