Elektron playing the swan song for the Monomachine SFX6

It’s swan song is playing as we speak. Elektron are selling the last units of the Monomachine SFX-6 now through their website. If you ever wanted to get hold of one, you really have to hurry, fast! While the product is being discontinued, the Elektron HQ is bristling with feverish activity. More on new products is expected soon.

Original product description:
The Monomachine SFX-6 is the big and tall brother of the Monomachine family. Enhance your interaction with the synthesis engine using the 37-note keyboard. Watch the LED’s above each key light up as you or the sequencer play notes and arpeggios, bringing you to the centre of attention. Assign the aluminium joystick to each and every sound parameter available. Perfect for live use!


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