Presonus announces ADL700 Tube Channel Strip

PreSonus Audio Electronics is proud to announce the new ADL 700, a single-channel Class A tube preamplifier compressor equalizer. Presonus second partnership product designed by Anthony DeMaria and manufactured by PreSonus, the ADL 700 is an all-discrete high voltage Class A channel strip (preamp/compressor/EQ) based on the award-winning ADL 600 two-channel tube preamplifier.

The preamplifier stage in the ADL 700 circuit is based on the preamp in the ADL 600 with balanced input transformer and three vacuum tubes with 600 volt power rails. The preamp includes instrument, line, and microphone inputs with selectable input impedance, high gain, and high pass filter.

The compressor stage in the ADL 700 features a discrete FET-based compressor with variable threshold, ratio, attack, release, and make-up gain.

The EQ stage in the ADL 700 is a discrete Class A 4-band parametric EQ with switchable high/low Q.

“We released the ADL 600 to establish the preamplifier in the industry as an ultra high-end tube preamp with tons of character, headroom and low noise,” says Rick Naqvi Vice President of Sales and Marketing for PreSonus. “Now that the ADL 600 is widely accepted it is natural to build the ADL 700.”

For news and more information on the ADL 700, keep an eye on the PreSonus website and watch for future press releases.

The ADL 700 is scheduled to ship in the first quarter of 2008.

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