Euphonix announces MC Mix and MC control

Euphonix celebrates its 20th anniversary this year with two controller surfaces, the MC Mix and MC control, for everybodys wallet

The Euphonix MC Control control surface combines the functionality of motorized faders, programmable knobs and buttons, and an incredible customizable touchscreen interface for maximum control over your DAW. Designed as a compact “nerve center” for your studio, the MC Control fits between your keyboard and computer monitor. Its high-resolution touchscreen lets you easily access and set up functions, while four touch-sensitive motorized faders, 12 Smart Keys, and eight programmable rotary encoders make the MC Control a powerful, flexible DAW controller.

The Euphonix MC Mix control surface puts eight motorized faders and an array of programmable buttons and knobs at your command for maximum control over your DAW in a small footprint. Euphonix put some of the coolest features from its impressive full-sized consoles into the MC Mix, including touch-sensitive, responsive faders and multi-function rotary encoders. This well-designed box is ultra-functional, while sporting a decidedly uncluttered appearance. Now you can get the most out of your DAW with the compact, versatile MC Mix


MC Control: 1499 euro
MC Mix: 999 euro

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