Rhodes, the return of an American Legend

After over 24 years off the market Rhodes Music Company announced their return to the music market. Rhodes is an American legacy known worldwide for its sound and unique design and all of the people that are working on the Rhodes project are dedicated in getting it better than right.

“I am proud to announce that the Rhodes electric pianos and musical instruments will hold the stamp “Made In America” again. All of us at Rhodes feel supporting America in making this great instrument is essential for the legacy, not only because of its traditional past, but also for the need to establish an American manufacturing triumph once again.

I am also happy to announce that Rhodes Music Corporation has contracted some of the key original management from the CBS years to consult with as well as some of the American
original manufacturing sources to manufacture some of the components, insuring the genuine Rhodes character is maintained. Key components like the pickups, hammers, combs, tines,
case, speakers will all be built with American hands and carefully assembled, tuned and crated by our United States plant.”, says Joseph A. Brandstetter, CEO of the Rhodes Music Corporation.

After these 24 years off the market the Rhodes Music Corporation understands the demand by the consumer for this much anticipated release. The Rhodes Music Corporation assures us that it will only build fully tested and quality product, instruments that Harold Rhodes himself would be proud of and ones that will guarantee the musician years of reliability and enjoyment.


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