Roger Linn releases more info on Linndrum II

As announced earlier, Roger Linn and Dave Smith will be releasing the Linndrum II this year. Roger will release the all-digital Linndrum II and Dave the analog version of the Linndrum II. Roger Linn has now released images of the machines which show a clear difference in the design of the two versions.

Linndrum II (digital version):

Linndrum II (analog version):

On his website, Roger Linn shares with us:
“In January 2007, Dave Smith and I (Roger Linn) pre-annouced BoomChik, a new drum machine product that we are creating together. Since that time, we received many enthusiastic comments and suggestions from musicians around the world that caused us to rethink and enhance the product’s design. The bad news is that this design change (along with Dave’s release of Prophet ’08 and my release of AdrenaLinn III) has delayed our development. The good news is that the product has grown into a far more capable instrument. Also, we’ve decided to change the name to LinnDrum II, recalling an innovative drum machine from a bygone era. Please read on for more details.

There will be two models: the all-digital “LinnDrum II”, available from Roger Linn Design and the “LinnDrum II Analog”, which adds four voice analog synth voices and 27 dual-function voicing knobs, available from Dave Smith Instruments. We’re currently estimating street prices of around $1000 for LinnDrum II and around $1500 for LinnDrum II Analog. Here’s a brief summary of the product features:

Features common to both products:
* Operating system is optimized for realtime live performance, with the ability to switch between beats, drop in and out of record on different beats, switch in and out of song mode and much more, all without stopping play.
* Digital voices have nearly the same signal and modulation path–including modulated filters and resonators–as shown on the LinnDrum 2 Analog panel. Total number of voices is not yet determined.
* 16 standard 1.1 inch square velocity and pressure-sensitive drum pads, assignable to sounds, tunings, beats, track mutes, pad mutes or sequence steps.
* Both MPC-style real time and 808-style step recording are provided, and the 16 pads are backlit for visual animation.
* Real-time stereo digital effects on output mix–modulated multi-mode filtering, guitar amp model and bit/sample rate reduction distortion, modulated resonator, compressor, deley, reverb and EQ–with 6 dedicated on/off keys to switch them individually in or out in real time.
* Compact flash slot for data save/load/backup, or for expansion of internal sound storage.
* Internal RAM and flash size is yet to be decided; at least 16 mbytes for each.
* 128 x 64 dot graphic LCD.
* USB port for transferring samples and other files, MIDI messages and audio I/O to and from computer.
* 4 pushbutton soft knobs below the LCD, acting either as soft knobs or soft keys.
* 52 lit buttons for extensive real-time performance control.
* 2 sliders assignable to a large variety of real-time functions.
* HELP key gives descriptive text for any screen, data field, function key or knob.
* Pressing DETAILS key followed by any panel key presents a screen of settings related to the key pressed.
* 2 pairs of stereo outputs, with phones output fed from either pair.
* Stereo inputs for sampling, audio processing or triggering sounds.
* MIDI in and out.
* 2 inputs for either foot switches or expression pedals, assignable to a wide variety of functions.

Additional features on Dave’s LinnDrum II Analog:
* Four complex analog voices based on the same Curtis-chip synth voices used in the highly-aclaimed Prophet ’08 and Evolver keyboards.
* Four direct ouputs for the four analog voices.
* 27 dedicated dual-function rotary encoders for voicing the analog and digital voices.”

Roger Linn design

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