ESI starts shipping the DuaFire audio interface

ESI have finally utilised their famous EWDM technology in a FireWire Audio interface. Now you can use driver interfaces like ASIO 2.0, GSIF 2.0, MME and WDM simultaneously with the same features that made ESI’s PCI audio interfaces famous. Of course, EWDM for FireWire also provides the DirectWIRE technology the virtual digital patchbay and support for very low latency values (as low as 1.5ms or even less).

DuaFire is an ideal mobile recording interface for both laptops and desktop computers. It has flexible inputs that allow you to record from a variety of different sources. You can directly connect devices with line level, turntables via the built-in phono preamp, microphones (+48V phantom power support) and Hi-Z signals (e.g. a guitar).

Features include:
* world’s first FireWire audio interface with EWDM driver support
* high-grade 24-bit/96kHz analog-digital-converter
* high-grade 24-bit/96kHz digital-analog-converter
* 2 channels of audio input with level controls
* microphone preamps and phantom power for XLR inputs (selectable)
* Hi-Z input circuitry for guitar and other Hi-Z devices
* selectable switch between line-level inputs phono pre-amps
* 4 line-level audio outputs on rear of unit
* direct input monitoring with level control
* bus powered via FireWire-Bus or with separate power supply unit (selectable)
* support for DirectWIRE 3.0
* supports EWDM driver: MME, ASIO 2.0, GSIF 2.0, DirectSound
* CoreAudio devices for Mac OS X (10.3)
* Windows XP, Mac OS 10.3.6 (and higher) compatible
* 1 headphone output with amp and volume control
* includes Cubase LE 4.0 for Windows and Mac OS X (Universal)

RRP INC: £169.00 / €249.00


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