Reaper updated to version 2.015

REAPER is reasonably priced Windows software for multitrack audio production. Cockos Software has released version 2.103.

* Better behavior using ctrl+drag to copy items in free positioning mode.
* Pencil mode now starts from edit cursor if edit cursor intersects selected base item.
* Reaxcomp now supports upward expansion (be careful, it can get loud!).
* Fixed item editing bug when “fully buffered” display is enabled.
* Fixed bug on tracks of low height with UI scaling.
* Better drag and drop preview for free item positioning mode.
* Better recording preview in free item mode.
* Fixed high cpu use/slow performance when displaying extremely zoomed out midi items.
* JS SMPTE decoders: fixed hours tens display rounding.
* New dynamic distortion JS fx.
* Reafir/reaverb: now full 64 bit precision.
* Faster js fft.
* Included FFT routines in reaper.exe, plug-ins can now call them (size savings).
* Schwa updated Spectro to use built in FFT.


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