Reloop announces Digital Jockey

The Digital Jockey by Reloop is dedicated to the future: It makes playing, mixing and manipulating music from a computer’s hard disc as easy as using DJ CD-players and a mixing console.

At the core, the Reloop Digital Jockey is a fully assignable MIDI controller that can send up to 69 MIDI parameters that are accessible via buttons, faders, encoders, push-rotaries, and two oversized high resolution jog wheels. The console scores with full-size DJ-friendly controls, a classic 2-channel layout, high quality faders and backlit control buttons. A huge Trax-encoder allows for the most intuitive browsing in music libraries. The Digital Jockey is easily connected and powered via USB, making it ideal for mobile use.

The Interface Edition features a high grade 4-channel 16 bit/48 kHz USB audio-interface. With that, the Reloop Digital Jockey can be directly connected to the PA, headphones and microphone. And another line source like CD Player or turntable may be integrated into the setup, as well.

In the course of conceptualizing the Digital Jockey, Reloop developed Attack, a professional mixing software that perfectly matches with the controller. The Digital Jockey is not only supplied with Reloop Attack, but also includes the world famous Traktor 3 LE. Both are especially pre-mapped for the Digital Jockey.

Reloop Digital Jockey: The center of exercising control over your music.

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