Waldorf releases Blofeld Firmware V1.02

This version is a hotfix addressing bugs reported by our users. It is recommended for all users of the Blofeld. Furthermore a new soundset has been released. This soundset has better matching sound volumes. The sound selection is identical to the soundset released in January 2008. Please note that the soundset replaces all sounds in the Blofeld.

* Increased Output Volume by 12dB.
* Fixed spurious problems with Sound selection when Category Filters are used.
* Fixed storage problems of received sound dumps which showed “Init” or “Init!” sounds.
* Fixed further spurious occurences of “Init” or “Init!” sounds.
* Improved voice allocation with Unisono sounds.

Known issues:
* Changing sound volumes during playback over MIDI might result in loud sounds for held notes. New notes are played with the correct volume. This happens with sounds that use additional volume modulation i.e. by Velocity.
* Booting the Blofeld might result in a freeze when USB is connected and a sequencer application (i.e. Logic 7 or 8) is open. Logic, for example, sends certain MIDI messages to a new MIDI Port as soon as it appears.


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