New products for 2008 from Sound Performance Lab

Last year SPL has launched the RackPack modular system and started with two different preamps and the Transient Designer as the first modules. This year the RackPack is extended with six new modules, so that studio and live engineers can choose from a wide variety of processors to configure individual RackPacks.

1. Full Ranger – Graphic EQ with passive coil filters for the whole frequency spectrum
2. Bass Ranger – Graphic EQ with passive coil filters for the bass range
3. Vox Ranger – Graphic EQ with passive coil filters for the vocal range
4. TwinTube – Combined saturation and presence tube effects
5. DeEsser – Works with phase cancellation instead of traditional compression
6. DynaMaxx – set & forget compressor, updated for the RackPack-Version

PHONITOR – 120V Headphone Monitoring Amplifier
With their innovative product history in mind, there is reason enough to expect some fresh ideas when engineers at SPL engage themselves in a new issue, and the field of headphone amplifiers with the brand new Phonitor as the result of SPLs development engagement makes no exception.

The name already implies the key feature: SPL announces that with the Phonitor headphones now become a full alternative to monitoring speakers. To allow for control of sound impressions comparable to speakers in a room, the Phonitor offers new parameters such as Crossfeed, Speaker Angle and Center Level.

Based upon SPL‘s unique 120 V technology which was initially developed for their mastering product series, the Phonitor aims at high-end users to fulfill highest demands in sound quality. It is SPL’s flagship of a new sort of headphone amps they call Headphone Monitoring Amplifiers. The company plans to launch further units in standard technology soon, e. g. a RackPack module.

Availability of the Phonitor is scheduled for May 2008.

FRONTLINER – Recording channel and compact analog processing rack
SPL’s new channel strip combines Preamp, De-Esser, Compressor, EQ and Tube Output for a fully featured recording channel. But often the particular stages would also be a great addition to an engineers mixing tools arsenal – and that is why SPL has spent dedicated I/Os to each section of the new Frontliner.

Each stage can be used separately and for example be routed via a patchbay to insert the whole toolbox into a studio environment. The Frontliner features a hybrid, Class A preamp design with discrete solid state stage and a tube section with switchable drive settings. As an high-quality and very flexible alternative it will be the top of the line product in SPL’s range of channel strips. Availability of the Frontliner is scheduled for October 2008.


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