A Tribute to Daniel Hansson co-founder of Elektron

After the tragic passing of Elektron co-founder Daniel Hansson, a compilation of music featuring the instruments he helped creating has seen the light of day.

“45 – A tribute to Daniel Hansson” features unreleased tracks from 30 artists, some of them very well known to the public. The compilation is an initiative coming completely from the Elektron-users web community and we at Elektron are very moved by this. We really have the best user base one can imagine.

In August 2007 Elektron CEO and co-founder Daniel Hansson passed away in an unfortunate auto accident. It is in large part his creative vision and eye for detail that have made Elektron’s products what they are today. The 45 Tribute pays homage to his creative genius and his philanthropic spirit. Artists from the Elektron community have taken their time and energy to contribute to this project freely in his honor.

All purchases of the 45 Tribute should be viewed as donations, as that’s what your purchase translates to. All proceeds collected from the 45 Tribute will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund. So you pay $5.00 for 30 songs, and you get to be a philanthropist in the process! POW!

As if the 30 tracks, or contributing to World Wildlife Fund wasn’t enough to motivate you, Elektron is giving away one free SidStation! Everyone who purchases the 45 Tribute within the first 30 days will be automatically entered to win.

45 Tribute

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