Clavia announces LeftWave

In a strategic move to strengthen its presence on the MI market, Clavia has today announced that it will start developing a serie of instruments aimed at the left handed musician.

“We have realized that there are so many left handed musicians out there, that never have gotten the chance to properly explore the thrill of playing a keyboard.”

“Guitars and microphones for left handed users have been readily available for ages. Sir Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, and the late Jimi Hendrix and Judy Garland are just a few of those who we feel have been totally neglected by keyboard manufacturers for far too long. We aim to make every one of our current products in a left oriented version, starting with the Nord Wave”, says Clavias recently appointed division manager Mr Styrbj√∂rn Babord. More information will be released shortly.

Uhm, what day is it today again?

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