Now shipping M-Audio Studiophile BX Deluxe Reference Monitors

M-Audio is proud to announce the availability of their new Studiophile BX Deluxe series studio reference monitors. Building on the bestselling Studiophile BX series, the new BX Deluxe monitors deliver exceptional sonic accuracy, plenty of headroom, and cohesive driver integration for smooth, balanced response.

The M-Audio engineering team focused on several critical components to ensure that the Studiophile BX Deluxe monitors sound great at all volume levels. First, the waveguide design provides detailed imaging. The fine-tuned power amplifier sections provide optimal headroom and extra clarity. Cohesive frequency integration allows the drivers to work together so your ears hear the monitors as one source, not as a collection of drivers. It all adds up to a new standard from the industry leader in reference monitor technology.


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