Mackie TT System32 gets powerful new updates

Mackie announced two exciting new updates to the TT System32, the LP48 Loudspeaker Processing Card and TT1.7 software update. The powerful combination of Dolby EQ and loudspeaker processing, plus the capabilities offered by the simple software update, add tremendous routing flexibility and an even more professional feature set to the TT System32 Digital Live system.

“We are committed to the ongoing development of the TT24 and to bringing even greater levels of professional performance to the small/mid-format digital mixer category,” commented Mackie product manager, Gilbert Perales. “The addition of the LP48 expansion card enables functionality that is simply not available anywhere near the price of a card-equipped TT24.”

Featuring Dolby© Lake© speaker processing, the LP48 offers 2-, 3- or 4-way crossovers with delay, with all outputs assignable to the back panel of the TT24 or the DS3232 Digital Snake. Dolby’s Ideal Graphic EQ™ and Lake Mesa Parametric EQ™ bring proven, professional signal processing to the TT24. The card is completely user-configurable, allowing for various combinations of EQ and loudspeaker processing. There is a full library of Mackie and EAW presets for quick and easy system integration and all of the card’s features are easily controlled through the TT24’s TT Control Software.

Also, a simple software update to TTv1.7 greatly expands the routing options for the TT24 Digital Live Console by enabling full I/O routing, allowing a user to digitally patch any channel or mix to any output, including the outputs of all TT24 option accessories. Also, pre/post DSP inserts on every channel provide access points to the LP48 Speaker Processing Card. This update enables the U100 and DS3232 to act as a digital splitter in a FOH/Monitor application by allowing the user to assign inputs and outputs to both the FOH and Monitor consoles over Mackie’s low-latency, high-bandwidth U-Net audio and control protocol.

“The routing flexibility that this simple update offers adds tremendous value to the system. And the addition of digital splitting allows for an immensely powerful, portable and complete live sound system,” concluded Perales.

The LP48 Card will be available in the U.S. and Canada in June, 2008 and internationally in July, 2008. The TTv1.7 software update can be downloaded for free from the TT24 product page at Mackie. The LP48 Card will have a U.S. MSRP of $1199.99.

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