Speedy J and his new Xone:1D midi controller

Dutch techno producer, Jochem Paap alias Speedy J, has adopted a new setup for his live performances based around Allen and Heath’s new Xone:1D MIDI controller.

“My new set up consists of 2 laptops, a Xone:92 and 2 Xone:1D’s, which combine the best of both worlds – the amazing analogue sound of the 92 and the 1D’s hands-on MIDI control for Traktor and Ableton software. Plus, the 1D’s match the design and feel of the 92, so it really feels like one big performance workstation,” Jochem explains.

The Xone:1D is a dedicated MIDI controller connected and powered by USB, which can be used to control DJ software such as Ableton Live and Traktor3. “Sculpting my sound is now more flexible and transparent than ever before. The 1D’s have a very clear layout, which makes them really comfortable to operate on stage. Although all sound in my sets is coming from laptops, I never have to touch the mouse and rarely have to look at the screens. I have mapped the controllers to all the functions I need, and they modify the music dramatically, enabling me to be very expressive. Every time I play, things happen which are impossible to plan beforehand!

“It’s pure joy to be able to improvise and explore without ever losing the feeling of control. The flexibility of the setup opens up territory which DJ’s could only have dreamed of a few years back. It has really taken my performance to the next level,” Jochem concludes.

A&H Xone

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