RME is shipping latest HDSPe ExpressCards

RME has announced that they started shipping their latest HDSPe ExpressCards. The new HDSPe RayDAT, HDSPe AES and HDSPe MADIface are shipping worldwide as we speak.

– HDSPe RayDAT, 72-channel ADAT/AES PCI Express card
4 x ADAT optical I/O, SPDIF I/O and AES/EBU I/O. That’s a whopping 36 channels of inputs and outputs. On top, there are 2 MIDI I/Os and TotalMix, RME’s unsurpassed DSP-based real-time mixer/router, with hardware-calculated level metering and complete MIDI remote capability.

The successor of the well-known Hammerfall 9652 provides a complete new developed PCI express core, consequently takes full advantage of the new format, achieving significant performance gains in multitrack audio.

– HDSPe AES, 32-channel AES/EBU PCI Express card
The HDSPe AES provides 8 AES inputs (16 channels) and 8 AES outputs (16 channels) at 192 kHz sample rate. The PCI Express card is also equipped with two MIDI I/O ports, word clock I/O, and can be used with the optional TCO module for synchronization to LTC and video.

With all of these typical RME features and quality, the HDSPe AES is a perfect solution for professional users in the fields of broadcast, TV, theater, recording studios and stage/PA.

– HDSPe MADIface, 128-channel MADI ExpressCard for laptop computers
Consisting of the HDSPe ExpressCard MADI and a small breakout box, the MADIface offers full MADI power:
64 channels input and 64 channels output, up to 192 kHz sample rate, in MADI embedded MIDI transmission, complete TotalMix that is even remote controllable and has all features of the HDSPe MADI, as well as lowest latency and CPU load. To make the usage as comfortable as possible, no external power supply is required.

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