launches Analogue Processes v1 sample pack for Ableton Live

Designed for electronic music producers, composers, and laptop DJs and performers, Infrasonik’s sample packs are constructed to maximise the unique and powerful features of Ableton Live and Kontakt.

Infrasonik’s philosophy is redefining the traditional audio sample pack into a powerful production environment that include effects chains, dynamics and EQ processing, macro controls, and channel strip presets that expand the sonic possibilities of these powerful audio production tools.

Ideal for modern electronic styles including Minimal, Electro, Techno, Tech House, Progressive, Deep House, Glitch, and IDM, Infrasonik’s sample packs are excusively available for instant download on

Analogue Processes v1 contains:
* 42 Impulse Banks (High Hats, Claps, Kicks, Vox, Snares, etc.)
* 39 Impulse kits with modular processing chains.
* 15 Channel strips with analogue style dynamics and EQ.
* 15 EQ chains modelled on vintage EQs.
* 39 Midi clips.

Features Include:
* Modular processing chains allowing fast and easy swapping of “processing modules” between different kits and tracks.
* A maximum of 4 macro controls on the racks let users quickly dial in an inspiring setting, and is perfect for DJing or live performance use.
* Effects are balanced using Live’s Utility effect to avoid level fluctuations when doing effect manipulations in a live performance setting.
* The final output level is set for a maximum peak value of between -3.0 DbFS and -2.0 DbFS
* Impulse kits are carefully gain staged to leave at least 4-6 DB of headroom between each device in the DSP chain for super clean processing and no digital distortion.
* A limiting module at the end of each Impulse kit’s DSP chain prevents the chain’s final output from clipping in a live performance or DJ setting.
* The kits are designed to have 10-12 DB of dynamic range.
* All sounds are 24 bit.


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