SmartAV announce Tango Bay extensions

Available in September 2008 is a 12 fader extension bay for Tango. This can be placed to either side of the main Tango console and comes with a 22″ touch screen like the main Tango unit. The second touch screen can serve as an extension to the main Tango touch screen or as required be switched to show other screens such as the workstation display, the virtual editor, or querty keyboard.

One of the great benefits of the second touch screen, in addition to extending the in-line channel display above the fader strips is that you get more of MonARC displayed across the two screens, and with the console footprint still remaining quite small you don’t have to reach far to adjust anything.

The extension bay is totally integrated with the main Tango unit and in addition to the 12 additional faders has 16 user programmable macro buttons which can be assigned to any virtual editing function.

A second integrated extension bay can be added to either side to provide an even larger format for those who need it.

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