Alesis MultiMix 8 Line mixer is now shipping

Alesis, the worlds leading manufacturer of professional audio equipment and studio electronics, announces that the MultiMix 8 Line mixer is now shipping to pro audio retailers.

MultiMix 8 Line is an eight-channel, line-level mixer for stage, studio, boardrooms, conference rooms, health clubs, restaurants, houses of worship, and other installed sound applications. The mixer is also a useful tool for any band, especially for keyboard players and multi-instrumentalists mixing or sub-mixing multiple sound sources.

MultiMix 8 Line features eight stereo channels with a mic/line input on channel one and stereo effects send and return. When a mono signal is present on any input or stereo send, the Left signal is automatically summed to mono for mono and stereo compatibility.

Two MultiMix 8 Line mixers can be connected with inexpensive, common TRS cables, and the connected mixers share the same mix bus for 16 stereo input channels. An effects bus is provided so that connected reverbs, compressors or other effects chains can be shared between two linked mixers.

Simple, intuitive signal clip and overload LEDs for each input and a five-stage LED level indicator at the main output are provided for intuitive visual monitoring.

“MultiMix 8 Line is an example of Alesis’ ability to not only build a substantially better mousetrap, but also deliver it for significantly less money,” said Jim Norman, Product Manager. “The mixer is rock-solid and has features that are seen only on much more expensive units.”


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