SPL presents new monitor and headphone controller 2Control

SPL launches a new member of their controller family at the 125. AES convention: the new 2Control. It combines speaker and headphone monitoring functions with innovative features in an attractive desktop unit.

The entirely analog 2Control allows for connection and selection of two stereo sources, two stereo speaker sets and two headphones. A third mono speaker output can be used to feed a subwoofer. Speaker volume is controlled by a central, massive volume potentiometer. Each headphone output is supplied by a separate amplifier stage and can be controlled individually.

A unique highlight is the analog Crossfeed control circuitry for headphone monitoring: it creates the frequency dependent interaural level differences between the stereo channels to generate a real speaker playback impression on headphones. This feature is derived from SPL’s Phonitor, a 120V audio rail headphone monitoring amplifier. It enables the user the to reliably produce and mix audio on headphones especially when speaker monitoring conditions are suboptimal e.g. on tour or in homerecording environments.

Availability of the 2Control is expected for December 2008.

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