Numark Introduces PRO SMX Battle Mixer

Numark, the world’s leading manufacturer of products for the DJ market, announces PRO SMX, the most powerful DJ battle mixer it has made to date. Designed to the exact specifications of the world-famous DMC champion French DJ team, Birdy Nam Nam, PRO SMX features a 100% analog audio path to preserve the natural warmth of vinyl.

The uncompromising build quality of PRO SMX is highlighted by its rugged, thick metal construction, including a heavy gauge faceplate that is completely devoid of screws. The physical height of PRO SMX is optimized for use next to professional turntables, such as the Numark TTX.

A PRO X FADE crossfader, considered by many to be the world’s finest DJ crossfader, employs conductive-polymer technology for long life and low wear. The VCA fader offers adjustable cut-in points, adjustable resistance and reverse, enabling DJs to customize the feel and function of the PRO X FADE in PRO SMX.

Gold-plated rear-panel connectors ensure solid cable connections, and XLR master outputs deliver extra-clean, balanced signal. An entirely analog signal running through high-end componentry results in outstandingly high audio quality. Three inputs per channel, including balanced 1/4-inch inputs, permit connection of drum machines, samplers and other musical instruments with reliable signal transmission. An auxiliary Session input with volume control allows mixers to be daisy-chained for a collaborative scratch session.

A three-band EQ section is available on each channel, and is switchable between ±12 dB for traditional EQing or +12/-INF dB for use as frequency kills. A newly developed effects loop enables use of any external effects unit. Its intelligent circuitry senses the presence of signal and routes audio appropriately to eliminate sonic degradation resulting from phase cancellation.

“DMC and ITF champions, Birdy Nam Nam came to Numark and asked us to build the world’s best battle mixer based on their input,” said Chris Roman, Product Development Manager, Numark. “PRO SMX is built like a tank. It feels great and has all of the capabilities that these best-of-the-best professional DJs asked us to include… and then some!”

Numark’s PRO SMX is available now from DJ and Pro Audio retailers at an MSRP of $799.


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