Clavia Nord Stage OS Update and release of Nord Piano Library

The v4.02 OS update for the Nord Stage and the Nord Stage EX is now available for immediate download, together with a new Stage Manager and a bunch of new and improved sounds.

The OS update contains fixes for some issues that have been discovered, but perhaps more exciting; it adds a new functionality to the Delay and makes the current and previous Nord Stage units compatible with the new and improved format for our pianos – the Nord Piano Library.

The OS update is available for the classic Stage revision A, B and C models and the new Stage EX models. The sounds in the Piano Library can also be used by Electro 3 owners.

New and improved features:
– The new delay implementation has two selectable modes, selectable in the Sound menu. The new Analog mode will change the pitch on the repeats if the Rate/Tempo knob is turned. If the Normal delay mode is active, no pitch change will occur (as in the previous versions). When you change the delay time by tapping, no pitch change will occur in either of the delay modes. The feedback parameter in the delay has an increased range and high-pass filtering will be gradually applied during longer feedback times.
– The Nord developer team have managed to optimize the startup time and the general processing speed of the OS, which leads to a significant performance boost. The playback engine and voice allocation system of the piano section have also been optimized, leading to 4 extra voices of available polyphony. The voice allocation in the Synth section has also been enhanced. A complete list of fixes and additions can be found here.

Nord Piano Library:
The new OS is accompanied by a complete makeover of the piano sounds. The new format – Nord Piano Library (.npno) – is now common for the Stage, Stage EX and the Electro 3. Most of the pianos from the former Nord Stage format – .nsp – have been converted, and improved. Some of them have been retuned; others have been expanded with additional velocity layers or tweaked in other areas.

A good old friend from the Electro 2 library have returned – a great, almost obnoxious Electric Mk I Suitcase that hasn’t been available to the Stage before. The Harpsichords are a first for us, with an Italian model with its delicate voice, and the more robust, triple stringed French, in various settings.
Classic Stage users will also find the pianos from the Nord Stage EX factory setup, like the Studio Grand2 XL version, with loads of extra velocity layers. In order to be able to use the new pianos, the Stage has to be updated to OS v4.02, and used together with the new Stage Manager v4.0 (and a new, digitally signed USB driver if you are on a Windows computer).

Electro 3 owners can use the Electro 3 Manager to download new pianos to their instrument. All the Stage update components are available in the Nord Stage Download area – the Pianos can be found in the new Library Section.


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