Free Therapy from de la Mancha

therapy is an effect plugin that allows you to express your innermost feelings, neurotic ramblings or burning, muderous rage, and have the results presented in full stereo audio psychosis. Instead of the usual knobs or sliders, therapy invites you to type words to generate the psycho-somatic algorhythms that will shape, bend and f**k up your audio according to your own twisted mind. Express yourself through free association, random babbling or drug-induced, histrionic word-vomiting. Type it in, hear the results, scream at the moon.

Message from the developer de la Mancha himself:
“Warning: therapy is not a replacement for professional psychological help. Neither am I, I’m as f**ked up as you are!”

· 3 band granulizer effect with absolutely no ability to deliberately control any parameter
· Word driven controls, even I don’t know how it works, but it does
· Stares back at you without suggesting how to solve your problems, just like a real therapist
· What was your relationship with your mother like?

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