Event Opal now shipping

EVENT Electronics is proud to announce that the revolutionary Opal studio monitor has commenced shipping worldwide.

Following two years of research and development the EVENT Opal has concluded pilot production, and hundreds of Opals are being shipped across the globe giving a lucky few audio engineers an extra special gift under the tree this holiday season.

“This is truly one of the most satisfying experiences of my career” expressed EVENT Electronics President, Peter Freedman. “When I bought EVENT in 2006 I began a quest to provide sound recording artists and engineers alike with a unique and absolutely true reference monitoring system. In addition to that lofty ambition I wanted them to be manufactured right here in Sydney, Australia. I am thrilled that today marks the realisation of that dream, with the Opal shipping out of the factory to dealers worldwide”.

The EVENT Opal is an eight-inch two-way studio monitor that has been designed from top to bottom to enable the reproduction of the most detailed dynamics while delivering incredibly low levels of distortion. Its woofer, tweeter, amplifier and cabinet all feature innovative and unique design and technology elements, combining to create one of the finest studio monitoring systems ever released, and certainly one of the most important studio recording advancements of the last decade.

The Opal’s EX8 driver provides a raw response of 30Hz to 10kHz and a power handling of up to 1000 watts. A high powered neodymium motor provides 36mm of linear excursion to the bespoke high-strength glass fiber polyamide cone. EVENT’s X-Coil technology dramatically increases the driver speed and control, lowering distortion to levels previously unavailable in its class, and providing defined and accurate mid range reproduction as well as powerful, high speed bass.

The ULD1 tweeter combines ultra light and rigid beryllium-copper with an extremely powerful neodymium motor to produce unbelievable high frequency clarity. It is mounted in the Opal’s innovative high frequency waveguide, which has been designed not only to provide excellent stereo imaging and a wide soundstage, but also to enable users to remove and rotate it for accurate reproduction in horizontal mounting applications.

The Opal’s cabinet is moulded from aluminium to provide strength and minimise resonance. Each surface is a combination of complex radii to eliminate any diffraction inside the cabinet. The front mounted ports incorporate a variable impedance design that completely remove any port noise, and does not rely on room acoustics unlike rear porting solutions.
The EVENT Opal is Louder. Lower. Clearer. Better. and is shipping now.


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