Magix updates Samplitude and Sequoia

Magix has released version 10.2 of Samplitude and Sequoia. Version 10.2 offers further improvements as well as latest optimizations and bug fixes for all Sequoia 10/Samplitude 10 versions.

The new features of Sequoia 10.2 / Samplitude 10.2 at a glance:

– Sequoia: Crossfade Editor
* Zoom/Move to In/Out Point jumps/zooms to crossfade now
* Shift + AutoZoom jumps to Crossfade (without zooming)
* New option “Center crossfade for zooming” (active by default)
* Playback option “Stop at position” is ignored
* New option “Remember horizontal zoom width”
* New object mode option “Keep global mode”

– Sequoia: Clipstore
* Improved project relation of clips
* Shows up in dialog “Tools -> Collect project files”
* Drag and Drop files from Explorer and external programs

– Sequoia: Digas
* Freeze and FX Data is copied at save

– FLAC format
Now you can use the FLAC format for lossless audio data compression of 16 and 24 bit files
FLAC is available for loading, exporting and recording: “File -> Load”, “File -> Export” and “Record Parameter” (Shortcut: Shift + R ).

– MIDI Editor
* MIDI Controller Editor now always shows current value of mouse position
* MIDI Controller Editor: Menu for Controller-Selection marks Controllers which are present in the object with * next to the name
* Right clicking on the “Quantize” Button now opens the dialog “Quantize Settings”
* UNDO of MIDI-Recordings (Modes: Overdub/Replace) is possible from MIDI Editor (Strg+Z)
* MIDI level meter activity also for chased notes
* ASIO latency compensation for MIDI-Metronome

– Video
* Video codecs updated
* Enhanced project exchange with Video Pro X:
– EDL Format 1.7 includes surround informationen
– Loading of direct speaker settings from EDL (FL, FR, …)
– Export dialog redesigned
– Automatic takeover of exported EDLs from Video Pro X

– Dithering
* New option “POW-r dithering only for master outputs”
* Autoblack-Threshold for Smart Dither can now be defined
* Track Bouncing-Dialog: Dithering Button with menu for dither options (Bypass Dither and Standard Dither) will be stored in bounce presets as well

– Spectral Cleaning
* Extended dialog with “Advanced Options…” and “Create Copy”
* Strg+X, Strg+C, Strg+V for cut, copy and paste of markers
* Slice is fixed vertically when holding down mouse and pressing “ALT”
* Slice is fixed horizontally when holding down mouse and pressing “SHIFT”

– Take Composer
* Advanced Scissors Tool
* Click and draw range: only range is copied to first track
* Shift-Click for exchange of object under cursor
* Ctrl-Click in order to play ojects under cursor
* Track lock status is ignored
* Tooltips explain usage (on objects)
* Alt-Klick for exchanging object under cursor
* Ctrl-Space automatically selects object under mouse
* Automatic backup of “TakeComposer.VIP” when leaving the take composer
* Latest used mouse tool will be remembered between program sessions

– FFT Filter
* “Strength” value now ranges from 1 -200
* New “Inverse” selector

– Folder Tracks
* Copy and Paste of folder tracks
* Trackmanager: Adding of (F) to track number of folder tracks, tracks in folder are shown indended

– New Functions:
* Offline-Effects -> Amplitude/Normalize -> Loudness adaption
* VST “Permanent Options” in Plug-in menu of effects dialog
* Automation – Curve Generator dialog: Option for limitation to range
* Recall Last Position: Backspace
* Selected object(s) – one track up/down: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Cursor Up/Down
* Enlarge selection – select to next/ previous object: Ctrl + Alt + Shift Q/W
* View Range start/end: Strg + Alt + B/N
* Object(s) to left/right: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Left/Right
* Stop at position: Pause
* “Paste with ripple” (Ctrl + Alt + V) to insert object with ripple

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