KRK Systems ERGO Now Shipping

KRK Systems, one of the world’s leading suppliers of powered recording monitors, is pleased to announce the worldwide availability of the highly-anticipated ERGO.

The ERGO (Enhanced Room Geometry Optimization) is a stand-alone hardware room correction system that corrects recording studio acoustics with the flick of a switch and is compatible with all recording and monitoring systems. The state-of-the-art ERGO improves any studio mixing space by correcting for “real world” acoustic problems.

In addition to world-class room correction, ERGO also features:
• Focus/Global Correction – ERGO can correct for a single listening (focus) position or for an entire room (global) so all listeners can enjoy corrected sound quality
• A/B Speaker Controls – Enables or disables the audio being sent to the “A,” “B” or subwoofer speakers
• Headphone Volume – Adjusts the independent audio stream or the mirrored ‘A” stream audio for your headphones
• Calibration Switch – Enables the calibration microphone allowing the ERGO to analyze a room’s acoustic properties
• Large Volume Knob – Ultra-smooth response, providing simultaneous control of ERGO’s A/B/Subwoofer outputs

KRK Systems

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