Chameleon Labs ships 7602 MKII and 7802 processors

Chameleon Labs announced they are shipping the new 7602 MKII Mic Pre/EQ and the 7802 Stereo Opto Tube Compressor.

The Model 7602 MKII is the sequel to our smash hit 7602 Microphone Preamplifier/Equalizer. The 7602 MKII new features include: selectable mic impedance, LED input metering, upgraded knob styles, and two different power options–all of this for the same price as the original unit. The 7602 MKII ships with an inline power transformer (all regulation is done inside the unit). The rackmountable CPS-1 can also still be used, but is no longer required.

The Model 7602 MKII Microphone Preamplifier/Equalizer is based on a classic and revered design utilizing pure Class ‘A’ circuitry. This unit is made with 100% discrete components, hand wound transformers and was fabricated to precisely match vintage counterparts manufactured in the early to mid 70’s. The Model 7602 MKII represents a dramatic breakthrough in delivering vintage audio performance at an affordable price.

In the spirit of classic opto compressors, the 7802 Stereo Opto Tube Compressor is a unique hybrid design of vacuum tube and transformer circuitry combined with modern, high performance components. The 7802 offers smooth, open, full bandwidth compression, while imparting a pleasant, subtle glow to your tracks. The silky attack is achieved via electro-optical circuitry, followed by a robust tube makeup gain stage. Final perfection is presented via the transformer balanced outputs.

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