Akai introduces new OS 2.0 for MPC5000

Akai Professional, the name synonymous with music production, announces the release of MPC5000 OS 2.0, a new operating system for its flagship MPC5000 music production workstation.

MPC5000 OS 2.0 includes more than 25 improvements to the functionality and workflow of the MPC5000. Many of the new capabilities have been developed to accommodate the specific requests of MPC5000 user feedback.  

MPC5000 OS 2.0 introduces Keygroup Programs to the MPC5000. Users can create chromatic instrument key-mapped sample programs taking a single sample and turning it into a pitched piano, string or other instrument sound. This new capability greatly expands the performance and production capability of the MPC5000, and its ability to perform as a drum sampler and a more traditional key-mapping sampler.

Users can now import S1000, S3000, S5000/S6000, Z4/Z8 and MPC4000-format sample libraries from Akai Professional and third party developers. MPC5000 OS 2.0 enables automation recording for any of the parameters in the effects set, an MPC first. This enhancement builds on the MPC5000’s ability to record program parameters to aid greatly in mixing and production. A new Controller Grid Edit window added to Grid Edit Mode enables users to see a graphic view of controller automation and edit events.

A new MultiEdit function enables users to edit parameters for multiple pads all at once. The ability to edit tuning, envelope filters, or most any parameter across all of the pads in a Drum or Keygroup Program saves users considerable time and effort. The MPC5000’s Chopshop technology, which slices samples into smaller pieces, has a new Zoom function in MPC5000 OS 2.0 that lets users to zoom in on individual slices for finer editing of their beat slicing. The newly added ability to quantize Track Mutes is a useful feature for performers who trigger clips and tracks from their MPC5000. It eliminates worries about compensating for latency because the MPC5000 perfectly aligns mute punches in real time. With these and a host of other new advancements, MPC5000 OS 2.0 makes the MPC5000 even more powerful, musical and user-friendly.

The MPC5000 is the latest evolution of the MPC sample-based music production device. The system builds on the MPC framework that combines powerful sequencing, sampling and processing with the feel of the exclusive MPC pads and Q-Link assignable controls. It introduces new-to-MPC functionalities including a virtual analog synthesizer, a streaming hard disc recorder, extremely high-resolution sequencing and nearly 100 other new capabilities.

 “We love the feedback we get from MPC owners,” said Adam Cohen, Director of Business Development, Akai Professional. “With MPC5000 OS 2.0 we’ve developed updates to address many of the great suggestions we have heard.”

 MPC5000 OS 2.0 is available for download at www.akaipro.com/MPC5000 at no cost.



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