Rupert Neve announces Fidelice Quad Pre

When you combine the pinnacle of analogue design and craftsmanship, with the ease and accuracy of Rupert Neve Designs new remote protocol, a new class of recording equipment is born; Fidelice.

Microphone Preamplifier

Based on the revolutionary, class A and high-voltage circuit topology of the 5088 mixer, the Fidelice Quad Pre utilizes all-new custom transformers and single-sided discrete component op-amps to achieve its classic blend of clarity and sweetness. The mic pre includes 0 to 72dB of gain in dB steps, phase reverse, 48V phantom power, a variable HPF, 10 point LED metering and the new multi-position silk control. Unlike the previous Silk mode found in the Portico Series mic pre’s, the updated Silk control features four distinct settings to provide varying degrees of warmth and presence. Channels 1 & 2 may also be used as an M-S input, or summed with channels 3 & 4(1+3, 2+4) by using the M / S, Sum switch.
Direct Input

In addition to a mic pre, each channel of the Fidelis quad pre is equipped with a front mounted DI with variable gain. Once in DI mode, the silk control alters the voicing and input impedance according to which of the four modes is selected.
Multiple Remote Control Options

As one of the core facilities of Fidelice modules, the new Rupert Neve Designs remote protocol is the first of its kind to offer native control from DAW’s, as well as Digidesign control surfaces and Yamaha digital consoles. Unlike many other digitally controlled units, every control parameter on the Quad Pre, has a dedicated knob or switch, to ensure ease of use when the operated manually. To allow for seamless transitions from remote to manual operation, each knob has LEDs that indicate turn direction when knobs don’t match stored settings, and the control reverts to manual as soon as the knob passes over the stored setting.
A/D Converter

In addition to the unrivaled analogue signal paths and digital control, the Fidelis Quad Pre is also the first module to feature Rupert Neve Designs all new analogue to digital conversion technology. These new converters are mastering-grade, supporting sample rates up to 192k, with ultra-low jitter word clock inputs and outputs. The digital ouputs are capable of driving thousands of feet of cable with AES over BNC.

4 Microphone inputs – Balanced XLR 4 DI Instrument Inputs – Front Panel ¼” TRS 4 Line Inputs – ¼” Balanced TRS 4 Line Outputs – Balanced XLR 4 ADC Inputs – ¼” Balanced TRS 4 Digital Outputs – 2 AES-EBU XLR, 2 BNC 1 Word Clock Input – BNC 1 Word Clock Output / Loop – BNC
Remote Control Connections

Ethernet 2 x 9 Pin Sub-D – (Yamaha) 1 MIDI IN – (Digidesign) 1 MIDI Out – (Digidesign)

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